More Home Thoughts from Ray Behan

Ray, who hails from the Pearse St. area and who was in the ROW between 1970 and 1980, recently posted a photograph of his Confirmation group (in 1974) on the PPU Facebook page. It was not just a photograph, however, as Ray used his IT skills to set it to music and to insert the names, accompanied by a kind word for each classmate, as the camera seemed to zoom in on each face as it passed along. The still photo is below but you will have to view the photograph in CBS Westland Row PPU Facebook page to get the full effect.

Ray now lives in Australia, and has carved out an interesting career as you will see from the brief biography below as wellas his websites and publications.

Ray is an international speaker and educator with special attention on quantum physics, quantum mechanics, biology and the body’s ability to heal itself through meditation, neuroplasticity and the phenomenon of ‘interconnectedness’.

Ray’s story has been featured on 266 global media outlets. As a speaker, he is known for thrilling audiences with his unique presentations and is an author on enhancing the mind body connection.

He studied quantum phenomena, biology and cosmic consciousness for many years including the works of some of the greatest educators in the field of personal development. He is the main producer and contributor to Think and Grow Global Education.

Ray did not come from a privileged background however. At 7 years of age he had an accident which resulted in a major head injury, which impacted the rest of his life. When he returned to school after the accident, he discovered that his ability to learn, communicate and speak as well as to retain information, was seriously affected as a consequence of the accident. The resulting stress brought on temporal lobe epilepsy and he was placed on Tegretol medication, which he would need to take for life.

Years later Ray went on a journey of self education. He used his new knowledge in neuroplasticity, quantum physics and meditation to rewire and repair his own brain. Ray is now free from the need for medication.

Ray is another ROW past pupil who has “done” good and it is great to hear his story. We hope he continues to stay healthy and to help many people through his work.

If you wish to see the names of all the above have a look at our Facebook page CBS Westland Row PPU.

This News Blog was published by Jim Conway (Class of 62). If past pupils wish to contribute any stories, photos or videos for publication on the News Blog please email The PPU also has a Facebook page called CBS Westland Row PPU.

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