Annual Dinner 2019

I attach some photos from the above held on January 26th. I hope to publish more photos and information on PPU events over the coming months. Jim Conway.


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2 responses to “Annual Dinner 2019

  1. Eddie Ryan

    I would love to see some names beneath the photos. Sat my Leaving Cert in 1969.


    • Hi Eddie,
      I’m only getting around to replying to your comment on one of the News Blog now. Sorry about that. The PPU is still very active and it is good to report that the school is going well. We have a new way to access our News Blogs. You can go to and you can get up to date by reading the latest Blogs there. It would be great if one had the time to put names to all the photos when doing Blogs especially after the annual dinner but the tendency is to go for quantity over quality there. Most other photos would have names attached. You might be interested in our WhatsApp class groups which started in the early days of the lockdown. There are about 14 classes on there at present and I’m sure that someone from 1969 is represented. I run a Co0ordinating Group called ROW News and, if you want to, you can give me your mobile number and I will send it out. I’m sure you will get a response. Please respond to 087 2557298. Thanks, Jim Conway


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