Museum Opening

PPU President declared open the refurbished and restocked Museum in the school on Friday January 27th 2017. This project was undertaken by the Transition Year students with their teacher Susanne Lawlor. The quantity of material on display, some dating back many years, is truly amazing. The students did a great job in collating the items and displaying them in a very attractive way. President Brian congratulated Susanne and all the pupils on a job very well done.Below are some photos of the event courtesy of John Murray.


Teacher Susanne Lawlor and Transition Year Students, who worked on the project,, get ready for the ribbon cutting


Deputy Principal, Eddie Kelly, gave a very interesting and witty account of the historical items in the Pearse Museum


President Brian congratulates all concerned and limbers up for the ribbon cutting


President Brian happy that he will be able to tackle the ribbon


One two three cut


job done. we never doubted you Brian


Transition Year student, Robin Delaney, ready to capture the happy event


Eddie Kelly relaxes with Michael Casey and John Cullen.


John Sheridan looks for his place in history


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