Our 150th. Anniversary Publication (we are calling it the “Yearbook”) is taking shape and we are confident that it will be on sale at the Annual Dinner on January 30th. The Yearbook will run to about 260 pages and is packed with photographs as well as information on a wide variety of events, historical, sporting, personalities etc. connected with the school over its long history.

Full details of how to order your copy will soon be available and we are hoping that many past pupils will pick theirs up at the dinner on January 30th.

We have to thank everybody who contributed photographs over the years especially Patrick Dowling of Rock Photography and Johnny Murray. We have used many in the Yearbook but quite a few did not make it, so I am putting some up here and will publish more at a later date.

The photos below were taken at the OPEN EVENING on November 26th and at the Annual Mass for deceased past pupils on November 29th.



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