Paddy Finn – RIP

The PPU regrets to announce the death of our former President Paddy Finn RIP. Paddy was a great stalwart of the PPU during difficult times and served as President in 1990 and 1991. PF1

Paddy often recalled his school days at the Row and one significant chapter in particular. The Finn family lived in Fenian Street and, unfortunately, Paddy’s father died when he was very young. Paddy completed his Inter Cert and got a job helping to deliver coal on a horse-drawn cart during the summer. The carter offered Paddy an on-going job when the holidays came to an end and Paddy decided to accept as the family needed the money. Brother Carew got to hear of Paddy’s decision and called to the house to persuade him to go back to do the Leaving Cert with the promise that his mother would not have to find the money for books or fees. The rest, as the saying goes, is history. Paddy got a good Leaving Cert and went to work in a solicitor’s office. He subsequently moved into the insurance industry where he rose to become Claims Manager in Irish National and American International Group.

The Brother Carew mentioned above was famous for his ability to teach Applied Maths and also had a great influence on former Row Man of the Year 2007, Alex Monthwiil RIP. Alex came to Ireland from Latvia during the Second World War and went to school in Belvedere College. He moved to the Row to avail of the teaching skills of Brother Carew as he wished to pursue a career in Physics.  Alex subsequently had an outstanding career in Physics. This and other stories of past pupils will be dealt with in more detail as part of our PPU publication to mark the 150th anniversary of the Row.

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